Prevention, survival and support


We'll continue the fight through our vital prevention and survival activity and ensuring quality care and support for everyone living with cardiovascular disease.


  • We take the findings from research and use them to drive the best possible patient outcomes in clinical settings, the community and at home.
  • Our approach to Prevention, Survival and Support drives the implementation of research into practice through piloting innovative approaches to heart and circulatory healthcare.
  • We act as a catalyst for system change, empowering healthcare professionals, patients and their carers. Our ambition is to prevent suffering and reduce premature deaths from heart disease in the UK, and to improve support for patients, their families and carers.


  1. To increase the rate of early diagnosis and effective treatment of all types of heart disease.
  2. To increase survival rates from acute events.
  3. To support patients and their carers in the management of their condition.


  • We will take the findings of our research and implement them in clinical settings, delivering the best possible outcomes for patients and widespread adoption of best practice.
  • We will increase the rate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation through our Nation of Lifesavers campaign reaching more schools and communities than ever before.
  • We will provide information and guidance to everyone affected by heart disease and empower patients and healthcare professionals to join our fight.

Keep your heart healthy

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