Our research ambition

British Heart Foundation research ambition

Research is at the heart of everything we do.

We will build on our position as a research-driven charity, the UK’s leading independent funder of cardiovascular research.

Our research ambitions

  • Since the launch of our Strategy to 2020, we have undertaken a major review of our research activities, during which we engaged a multitude of stakeholders including our staff and trustees, patients and the research community.
  • The review culminated in the launch of our new Research Strategy, which was published in November 2015.
  • We now have three clear goals that we are working towards. These will ensure we build upon our proud legacy and deliver even more life saving research.

Our research goals

  1. To understand the social, genetic, cellular and molecular causes of heart and circulatory disease.
  2. To discover better ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating heart and circulatory disease.
  3. To enhance translation of these research discoveries into better patient care.

Our research plans

We have made significant progress towards our goal of funding £500 million of research by 2020 and are now in a position to begin new initiatives without impacting on our commitment to early stage discovery science.

  1. We will continue to invest in people, adapt our grants to support women in research and attract the most talented scientists from around the world to fight against all forms of heart and circulatory disease.
  2. We will target unmet need, increasing the impact of our research through a wider portfolio incorporating informaticians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, and will build capacity in under-developed research areas, including cardiac and vascular surgery and congenital heart disease.

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